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Skim Oil From Completely Enclosed Machining Centers

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Abanaki Corporation has redesigned its low-profile oil skimmer for easier maintenance. Designed to reach inside the coolant sumps of metalworking machines, the improved Tubetastic! lowers maintenance costs compared to previous models, the company says. The skimmer mounts to the side of virtually any machining center coolant sump and can skim oil from regular coolant sumps or totally-enclosed machining centers. Its side-mounted design allows it to fit into hard-to-access sumps and drawers with little to no top access. Using an existing opening or through a small access cutout, the unit’s collector tube runs through the surface of the coolant to collect unwanted oils. The oil then flows out the discharge tube into any waste-oil container for easy disposal. The skimmer removes oil at a rate of 1.5 gph and features a fan-cooled, continuous-duty motor and standard collector tubes, which allow a reach of 6", 12", 18" and 24". Longer lengths are also available. Units are offered in 110-220V or 50-60Hz models.


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