Small Duo Display Unit from Marposs Can Display Two Measurements

Marposs’ Duo is a compact electronic display unit similar in size to a smartphone.


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Marposs Duo is an electronic display unit similar in size to a smartphone. It features a 4.3" touch screen for display and storage of measuring data acquired through one or two sensors. Designed in response to customer needs, it is described as a “something-in-between” display unit that provides quality features at an affordable price.

Duo is well-suited for simple manual applications when only a few measurements are needed on the shop floor at any given time. Featuring two sensor input channels, it can simultaneously display two measurements at once in either analog or digital. 

The unit is designed to work with Marposs LVDT/HVT manual gages such as the M1 and M1 Star bore gages, M3 snap gages, M4 and M4 Star ring gages, and Red Crown/Red Crown2 displacement sensors with a measuring range of ±5 mm. Data collected can be exported through the USB port or the optional Fieldbus port.


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