Small Filters Process Large Coolant Volumes

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IFC Deep Bed filters are automatic indexing fabric filters for gravity filtration of coolant. Manufacturer Industrial Filters says the deep-bed design permits large amounts of coolant to be processed in a smaller filter and ensures long fabric life. Contaminated liquid from the machine tool goes into the diffuser tray, which is suspended across the filter bed. Before moving into the reservoir tank, the liquid is diffused over the filter bed, where the fabric purifies the contaminant. As sludge accumulates on the filter fabric, the impeded liquid rises slowly in the bed before the float is lifted, casuing a switch to energize the motor and index the converyor. The fabric and sludge are then moved with the conveyor into a waste box as fresh fabric advances into the receding pool, stopping all movement. The filters are available in various sizes, ranging from the DB-5 “lazy pup” model to the DB-450. Custom sizes and configurations are also available. Each features a sludge box; a 7" filter bed; a conveyor belt; a magnetic starter with selector switch; an adjustable and movable diffuser box; and more. An immersion pump is optional.

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