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12/29/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

Small Payload Robots Integrate Energy Supply

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The KR Agilus series from KUKA Robots includes five- and six-axis robots with high speeds, short cycle times and an integrated energy supply system.

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The KR Agilus series from KUKA Robots includes five- and six-axis robots with high speeds, short cycle times and an integrated energy supply system. The robots can be installed on the floor or ceiling, or on the wall in the case of the six-axis version. According to the company, the robots’ design enables them to work with continuous precision throughout the work envelope for high repeatability and accuracy, and they offer minimal cycle times for workpiece handling, particularly pick-and-place tasks.

Seven models are available: the KR 6 R700 sixx with a 6-kg payload and 706.7-mm maximum reach; KR 6 R900 sixx with 6-kg payload and 901-mm reach; KR 10 R900 sixx with 10-kg payload and 901.5-mm reach; KR 10 R1100 sixx with 10-kg payload and 1,101-mm reach; KR 6 R700 fivve with 6-kg payload and 706.7-mm reach; KR 6 R900 fivve with 6-kg payload and 901-mm reach; and KR 10 R1100 fivve with 10-kg payload and 1,101-mm reach.

The robots’ integrated energy supply system is routed internally, including the EtherCAT/EtherNet bus cable, three 5/2-way valves for compressed air, direct air line, six outputs and two inputs, enabling simple gripper integration and work in confined spaces. Additional equipment can be attached at the mounting points on axes 3 and 4, such as valves and I/O modules The Safe Robot functionality is designed to simplify cooperation between humans and the robots. Lifetime lubrication makes them well-suited to continuous, uninterrupted productivity.

All of the KR Agilus models are operated with the KR C4 universal control. The compact control has a flexible configuration and expansion capability and is designed for low maintenance. Its open architecture can control Kuka robots as well as external axes. According to KUKA, the control understands G code and PLC language as well as its own KRL robot language. The touchscreen KUKA SmartPad enables operating the robots and entire systems software packages for industry-specific functions such as handling, machining and measuring ease automation.

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