Smart Bins Enable Remote Monitoring, Replenishment Automation


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Apex Supply Chain Technologies’ Actylus 8100 and 8200 smart bin systems enable replenishment automation for assembly and compact manufacturing cells so that bin supplies do not run out. These smart bins can automatically detect low levels and send alerts to managers and suppliers when preset minimums are reached. Installation requires plugging the device into a power supply and internet connection; no software or servers are needed. The smart bins are powered by the Apex Trajectory Cloud, a secure analytics and inventory replenishment platform that consolidates smart bin data in real time to give distributors and their customers 24/7 visibility into inventory. Stock levels can be checked and managed online anytime and anywhere from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The systems are compact, at one shelf (14.5") and two shelves high (22"), respectively, with brightly colored, LED-lit bins. They are ideal for use in benchtop and wall mount applications, including assembly cells and individual workstations. Either model can be used with an optional riser or wall mount that raises the bins off the work surface, conserving benchtop work space.

Available in a range of bin and shelf configurations, Actylus can store and monitor many items traditionally stored in bins, including electrical components, fasteners, maintenance parts and more.


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