Hardware/Software Automates CNC Machining

ToolMaster hardware/software is a combination of software and a laser-measuring device.

ToolMaster hardware/software is a combination of software and a laser-measuring device. It is designed to fully automate CNC machining by monitoring and managing cutting tools during machining, enabling unattended machining.

The software imports CAD programs from virtually any CAD system and uses that data to automatically create and expand a tool database. User-set tolerances enable the software to automatically create a tool table with either separate or combined tools (as selected) for each part to be machined. The programs are sent to the machine, and a tool setup list is automatically generated.

Using the “test” program, the cutting tools are automatically measured/tested on the machine with a laser-measuring device to ensure that they are within the programmed tolerances and in the correct positions. If a tool is measured out of tolerance or in the wrong position, it is locked out from machining, a warning is issued and a duplicate is automatically selected (if available). The caliber is also measured in the laser, and the reference position of all three axes is recorded.

The "start" program automatically calls up individual programs. The appropriate cutting tool and caliber are measured in the laser before machining starts and after each program is finished. If they are within the set tolerance, the next program is called up, but if they are out of the set tolerance, a duplicated is selected and the program is repeated. All three axes are corrected relative to the measured position of the caliber. 

Once all programs have been run, the next part programs are called up, and the parts are machined. Once all parts have been run, the machine is automatically shut down. A report shows wear of all tools, how much the three axes were compensated after each program was run and which tools were locked out for further use. 

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