Software Calculates Cycle Times And Manufacturing Costs

Designed to reduce estimating time and increase shopfloor productivity, Costimator JS software calculates the cycle time and cost of manufacturing a part based on equipment capabilities and shop rates. Available from MTI Systems, the software includes a library of more than 2,000 workcenters and materials. In addition, it is designed to allow users to easily add equipment and materials that are not already in the library.  To use the software, operators enter part information, select the quantities to be quoted, add the required materials, pick the equipment needed for manufacturing the part and add details for each operation.


Estimators can combine the software’s functionality with online material-pricing options to generate “what-if” scenarios for part production. This can help users determine costs for various manufacturing and tooling items to identify the best process. In addition to quoting manufactured parts, the system’s process plans, routings and other reports can support customer service and sales, the company says.

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