Software Captures, Displays Real-Time Machine Data

Smart Manufacturing Experience 2018: Memex presents the new release of Merlin Tempus Enterprise Edition (EE), version 3.5.


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Memex presents version 3.5 of Merlin Tempus Enterprise Edition (EE), constructed using technologies including HTML5, .NET and RESTful APIs. It builds on the company’s core software platform, offering manufacturers machine monitoring and management functionality. The software’s real-time data collection capabilities capture machine-generated information and real-time sensor data (including alarm states, feed and speed rate overrides, and other green-light metrics) and contextualizes them in visual dashboards and reports.

The software release is designed to provide easier navigation and enhanced features, including role-based dashboards for production personnel, engineers, operators and managers. Other features include op-step management functionality, priority and alternate machine routings, dynamic scheduling, asset management, theme libraries, traceability, event manager pan and zoom with multiple variable data tracking, analytics, and data source logic ladders for accurately tracking real-world status. The operator portal now includes freeform text, serialization, rework and scanner support. An optional DNC software tool facilitates program file transfer to machines with support for native machine protocols and FTP networking. The durable gateway architecture facilitates multi-plant operations across time zones.

The company will demonstrate how the software connects legacy machines and new machine tools to ERP business systems, showing how its real-time calculation of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and other metrics provides manufacturers with visibility in an operational scorecard. Manufacturers can then proactively optimize operations to reduce downtime and increase throughput, achieving an increase in efficiency.

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