Software For 2D Cutting Machines

The company introduces Vision Plus, an integrated software package designed specifically for cutting machines. Vision Plus is a cutting system software designed by a cutting machine manufacturer specifically to meet the needs of the cutting industry. The Windows-based programming package offers DXF File Conversion right on the Vision PC and NT controls, simple setup and full process control, part programming with an integrated CAD package, and a Standard Shapes package. The software will run directly on the company's Windows-based CNC control and can be set up specifically for each individual process or machine. Vision Plus is now standard on Vision PC and NT controls. An intuitive, user-friendly graphic interface; customized functions; and automatic processes make programming easy. The software allows users to set up and run DXF files for multiple processes or multiple heads right on the CNC control without waiting for changes from engineering or programming departments. Vision Plus includes a CAD package specifically designed for 2D drawing, so it is easier to learn than standard 3D programs. It also includes a Standard Shapes library that can be used in the layout program or nested with other parts. Nesting is made easy with the many different options of bumping, rotating, copying and mirror functions. Nesting for multiple torch heads can done by simply selecting the number of heads used. The software supports straight or bevel cutting with oxyfuel, plasma, waterjet and laser, plus all current marking devices, in numerous combinations. Users can cut an interior geometry with waterjet, laser or precision plasma, then switch to plasma for the outside perimeter cut by simply selecting a few icons. Vision Plus also supports and simplifies bevel cutting for laser, plasma or oxyfuel beveling, allowing bevel parts to be programmed and posted in seconds. The software automatically programs the corner routines and tilt and rotate commands. When used with the Vision CNC and programmable cutting parameters (SDP files), Vision Plus facilitates fast, easy setup. For example, with plasma, all process parameters--gas and water flows, pierce time, speed, kerf, height control, cutting amperage and so on--are stored in the CNC along with the optimum settings for different materials and thicknesses. This feature is said to eliminate guesswork and to ensure consistent cutting results even with changing operators.

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