Software For Measuring Sheet Metal, Other Malleable Parts

Carl Zeiss Industrial Measuring Technology offers Calypso 4.4, a new version of the CAD-based measuring software. In this release, the Vast navigator offers several functions that permit measurements on malleable parts such as sheet metal or plastic. In addition, the navigator selects the optimum scanning speed for each feature depending on the stylus geometry and the specified tolerances.


Other improvements include off-line programming, a bucking mechanism and a relative measurement function. The bucking mechanism permits precise inspection of small feature transitions, such as geometries on valve seats, by scanning different geometries one after another as a total continuous line. This enables automatic measuring of contours that otherwise could be measured only manually, because the measuring base increases with the bucking mechanism.


For measurement of sheet metal parts, the software features a relative measurement function. This is designed to avoid problems caused when sheet metal becomes deformed during setup. This deformation results in the stylus moving from edge points to empty spaces, preventing the values specified in the CAD model from being reliably inspected for their actual values. However, by referencing locations that can be probed, the function makes it possible to reliably measure the desired position.

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