Software For Progressive Die Design

DieDesign is an application for the design of progressive dies, a time-consuming, complex task that often requires many iterations to complete, according to developer Cimatron. The software is integrated with other parts of the CimatronE CAD/CAM product suite to streamline the entire program cycle. Because it is rich with die-specific functions, designers can avoid spending valuable time constructing the unique features of a die with general-purpose CAD systems. Designed for ease of use, the software features a set of task-specific toolbars for the most commonly used functions. According to the company, the users can complete complex strips in only a few hours. Equipped with geometric tools for bending, unbending, twisting and other deformation operations, the software features trimming and forming capability and configuration templates. Drafting options include automated creation of a bill of materials and a table of holes. In addition, integrated finite element tools for thinning and safety zone analysis are designed to allow users to ensure the validity and quality of the design without leaving the application. Other features include a finite element analysis engine for creating blanks; a hybrid environment with 2D and 3D capabilities; and automated nesting for strip layout optimization and material utilization.

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