Software For Shape Searches

CADSEEK Polaris from iSEEK Corporation enhances core shape algorithms for greater accuracy and speed, and the software is able to track components that comprise an assembly. A user can highlight a single part within an assembly and initiate a search to locate replacement parts. A visualization interface for the software’s Navigator provides a complete view of CAD databases in the form of “billboards” in a 3D virtual space. The billboards show parts, which are representative of average parts for each cluster. Users can zoom through the billboard space, click on a billboard to get more information or start a search. A metadata, or text-searching mechanism, has been combined with the core software shape search to enable users to search for shape alone, text input alone or a combination of the two. Other features include a Web interface portal and the company’s 3DWebCrawler, which locates and assimilates 3D models to make them searchable on the software’s shape-search engine.