Software For Total Process Management

Charmilles’ Sigma is a software package designed for managing and producing specific data for EDM machining. To simplify the coordination of resources, the software connects EDMs, machining centers, CMMs and workchanging systems to a central programming system. It assists users in organizing jobs and orders; managing jobs; controlling the status of all objects in the process chain; managing offset; assigning magazine positions; and transferring data to machines. 


The software stores individual order information such as order and part numbers. It also stores job-management data, including as machining operations and their respective NC programs. Offset information is imported through interaction with a CMM. In addition, the software has features for the creation and organization of work batches, which consist of subprograms, magazine positions and offset values for machining one or several parts.


An optional identification system is also available to. It is designed to ensure that jobs consistently run with the correct NC program, electrode, offset values and magazine positions. With specific ID chips attached to pallets and electrode holders, the system can identify each pallet or holder and call up all relevant information about the item.


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