Software Helps Shops Move to Paperless Inspection Processes

Smart Manufacturing Experience 2018: InspectionXpert Corp.’s inspection software is designed for ease of use to help precision manufacturers digitalize their inspection processes. 


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InspectionXpert Corp., a subscription software company, offers inspection software designed for ease of use to help precision manufacturers digitalize their inspection processes. Among other things, the company offers software to help machine shops go paperless, converting inspection plans, reports and data to electronic formats.

The software enables inspectors to electronically balloon PDF and CAD drawings while simultaneously extracting characteristic dimensions and tolerances to create inspection reports. These reports can then be sent to the shop floor, where operators can capture inspection data from a web-enabled device. By capturing inspection results at the source of production, quality teams can create non-conformance reports and gain insights into sources of waste. The inspection data is located in a single database, so users can produce process capability reports and inspection results to share with customers.


  • Measuring Part Geometry On The Shop Floor

    Measuring workpiece dimensions is relatively simple for machine operators but measuring workpiece geometry which involves more complex comparisons of part shape to an ideal shape--is now also practical on the shop floor. The gaging equipment for doing this is coming down in price while becoming easier to use.

  • Gaging Countersunk And Chamfered Holes

    While countersunk and chamfered holes are similar in appearance, functionally they are quite different. Consequently, different gages exist to serve these different functional requirements.

  • Understanding Errors In Hand-Held Measuring Instruments

    Different instruments (and different operators) are prone to different errors.