Software Modernizes Macro Language

SmartCAMcnc has modernized SmartCAM’s macro language with the release of version 14.5, which is said to expand the software’s ability to work with solids while increasing visualization capabilities and usability. The CAM software package includes applications for milling, turning, fabrication and wire EDM. The macro language has been enhanced with dynamic arrays, simpler string construction and additional branching capabilities. The macro commands are designed to solve specific programming needs and to provide the opportunity for additional customization capabilities in future releases. Also, all SmartCAM applications can now create a solid model by stitching together a set of surfaces. The software also includes several new geometry modeling tools and selection techniques. A new arc/line- polyline-fit function allows prismatic edge geometry to be extracted from an entire surface/solid model. Curve extraction tools allow fourth-axis tool paths to be created using the edge data of 3D wrapped features (advanced products only). Additional topological selection methods allow simple selection of an entire solid, and they provide options to select all faces connected to the current selection set or only those that are tangent.

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