Software Offers Many Five-Axis Machining Functions

TopSolidCAM offers a variety of functions for five-axis machining. The software provides complete machine simulation capabilities that enable operators to view the movement of the machine, not just the tool. Simulation options allow effective collision management to ensure that five-axis operations run smoothly. A five-axis drilling feature allows users to program several drilling operations with different orientations using one mouse click. The software’s five-axis sweeping technique is helpful because the tool does not have to work at the extremity where the cutting speed is said to be worst. This also eliminates accessibility problems to certain areas of the workpiece. Other features include a five-axis contouring function with sinusoidal tool paths, transformation of three-axis tool paths into five-axis tool paths and a swarf machining method that limits the number of machining passes by using the side of the tool instead of its extremity.

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