Software Offers New Design And Machining Features

Many users of software Version 13 will gain productivity from completely overhauled Parasolid and DWG/DXF translators. New visualization controls will improve a designer’s ability to find interferences, determine manufacturability and establish product aesthetics early in the design process, the company says. In addition, a new filleting engine opens up the possibility to generate new design ideas.   For machinists, the new Smoothflow technology is designed to machine cavities and pockets safely and efficiently by maintaining constant material removal during roughing. In addition to extending tool life and reducing both roughing time and machine wear and tear, this can reduce radial pressure on the spindle, enabling high feed rates without the risk of tool breakage, the company says. Motion is softly contoured, with corners and tight areas milled without full-width cuts to prevent tool and spindle overload.   Programmers will have better toolpath limiting control with the use of 3D surfaces and curves to easily and quickly restrict tool paths. Improved finishing operations are possible with enhancements to the variable Z-Level operation and feature-aware enhancements added to the offset 3D operation.

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hyperMILL 2018.1 CAM Software Offers Enhanced Functionality

Open Mind Technologies’ hyperMILL 2018.1 is a new version of its CAM software that has a range of features and enhancements including blending capabilities, 3D-optimized roughing, global fitting, rotational abilities for CAD electrode applications and machining simulation.