Software Runs on PDA Units


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PDA Connect is an application from Shop Floor Automations that runs on portable PDA units and enables users to transfer files back and forth between most CNCs. Using a standard XON/XOFF communication protocol, the interface enables users to back up or quickly load G-code programs. An unlimited number of machine templates can be used to store baud rates, data bits, stop bits and parity for different CNC controls, the company says. Users can edit programs within the unit to quickly change a feed rate or any other G code. Files can also be transferred from a desktop to a PDA. The transfer is binary, so an exact copy of the original file is stored on the handheld. Other uses for the software include backing up parameters, uploading files to CNC machines, collecting data from probes or transferring files between remote computers.

With no limit on the file size, users can copy large files to their handhelds. Files remain in their native format after copying, so no special synchronization software is needed. The software is compatible with units including PALM IIIe, m130, TX, T3 and more.


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