Software Updated With User-Driven Enhancements

VX Corporation offers the v14. 01 upgrade to VX 2009.

VX Corporation offers the v14.01 upgrade to VX 2009. In addition to a completely new STEP translator, the update has more modeling, drafting and machining enhancements as well as several graphical user interface (GUI) improvements.

The STEP translator supports AP 203 and 214. Features of the translator include improved support of primitive surface types on import and export to help with detailing and assembly mates. Also, users control importing and exporting. There is a switch to export an assembly as separate components or as shapes in one part.

Along with easy dynamic viewing for more intuitive rotate and pan actions, the software includes built-in learning enhancements. These include updated QuickTips and easier access to run Show-n-Tell 3D tutorials, which users can download from the online learning center. Modeling and detailing enhancements include support for heart-shaped dome features; fast creation and easier editing options for BoM, hole, and trode tables; and sketcher supports negative dimensions.

The software now includes intelligent feature machining (Mill2 Tactic), which automates operation and bases tool selection on 2D part features. It also reduces programming time and effort, with faster calculation times for two-axis feature machining.

Milling and drilling updates include 5× Sidecut enhancements that tighten up tool paths, new parameters that give users more control with 5× Swarfcut and support for simultaneous spot drilling during hole drilling operations.

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