Software Upgrade Adds Toolpath Containment

Surfware, the developer of Surfcam CAD/CAM systems, offers the Service Pack 1 for Surfcam Velocity version 3.0. The software is equipped with the company’s TrueMill technology, which is said to reduce machining time by dynamically managing the tool-to-material engagement angle. In addition to improved TrueMill functionality in three-axis machining, the service pack includes a multi-surface morphing cutting method. Used in five-axis machining, this feature can help position the cutter in hard-to-reach areas while avoiding collisions, the company says.


Other features include a toolpath containment feature that displays dynamic smart tags next to toolpath containment boundaries, as well as improved SolidWorks associativity that enables users to track changes to a machined feature's shape and depth. The system’s capability to render large MCAD models has also been improved. The software can now open AutoCad 2008 files, and it features stronger direct transfer of Catia layers.

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