Software's Dual Screens Improve Machining Process Control


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High Tech Research’s Micronite technology for machining process control is designed to ensure zero-defect quality. Two screens provide increased process recognition, visualization and decision making. Features include hands-free data entry, a process view of cutting tool characteristics, a summary of inspection results and artificial intelligence-based process charts with decisions and process-relevant statistics. 

The multi-functional Inspection Process Track (IPTrack) panel enables the operator to capture data and automatically feed the expert system to assigned models for process control. Full-scale inspections can be run automatically without the operator inputting a sequence of characteristics to be measured, reducing inspection time and improving data accuracy. The interface recognizes different gages and sends data across the network. Results are displayed instantly on the IPTrack panel. The split screen is divided into major functionalities aimed at zero-defect, non-statistical process control, including inspection summaries with action information and process charts with feature-defined information attached to each sample.

A process support screen performs detailed tool and action recording. A custom-formatted template contains a list of tools with associated characteristics. Tool wear simulation models build a tool life database to identify reasons for reduced tool wear.