Solution Provides Root-Cause Analysis

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An overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) monitoring and analysis solution, GE Fanuc's Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency (MTE) 4.0 digitizes information generated throughout factories into a "virtual plant" to provide root-cause analysis. It also provides a suite of remote diagnostic tools designed to maximize mean time between failures (MTBF) and minimize mean time to repair (MTTR). In addition, the solution can be used to populate fields in computer maintenance management systems for preventative maintenance.


The Web-based application includes four primary components: a real-time information portal, a manager, a workstation and connections. The real-time information portal provides visualization and reporting of efficiency and other data, as well as a custom reporting tool for data sources from around the enterprise.Using various hardware and software protocols, the connections collect data on availability, performance and quality. The workstation integrates and normalizes information gathered from individual machines and translates it into intelligent condition information for the manager. To create analysis, the manager collects machine-condition format from workstations.


Rather than collecting data from only a few points to provide an OEE calculation using run-time, downtime and idle time information, the software collects hundreds of values and signals, the company says. Collected data includes active part program ID; parts count; more than 400 CNC error messages; as many as 256 machine tool builder messages; various discrete signals to determine the operational mode; as many as 64 operator-entered idle reason codes; and as many as 64 manually entered quality-related reason codes.


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