Speed Up Steel Turning Operations

TP2000 aluminum oxide-coated turning grade is said to be tough enough for machining steel at elevated speeds and under unfavorable conditions. In tests comparing TP2000 against ISO P25 grades, the TP2000 was shown to reduce cutting time by up to 40 percent in both roughing and finishing cuts. TP2000's coating design provides a thermal barrier, allowing the inserts to withstand much higher temperatures for increased speed capacity. Longer tool life is achieved through TP2000's substrate design that provides extreme resistance to plastic deformation. In addition, the high edge strength and excellent adhesion between the substrate and coating result in a predictable wear pattern. TP2000 is available in a variety of chipbreaker geometries including both negative and positives inserts as well as Seco-Carboloy wiper inserts to handle roughing and finishing operations at both normal and high feeds.

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