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11/15/2003 | 1 MINUTE READ

Spindle Headstock Accessories

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The line of spindle headstock assemblies from the company now includes 1C and 3C collet models (in addition to 5C, 16C and 3J) to permit the use of a wider range of collet sizes. According to the company, this permits the spindle headstocks to be provided for a greater range of applications, including the manufacture of medical and electronic components. Each spindle/headstock model can be used as original equipment in lathes, grinding machines and special purpose machines, as well as bench mounted, used to replace worn secondary workheads on lathes or cylindrical grinders. Accepting collets directly into the spindle without the use of additional collet fixtures, spindle capacities now range from 1/64" (1C) to 1 3/4" (3J) for OD holding, 3/4" to 6" for step chuck OD holding and 1/4" to 6" for ID holding with expanding collets. Models are available with plain nose, 4-degree taper nose (which accept closing rings for Hardinge step chucks up to 6" diameter), as well as American standard spindle noses A-3, A-4 and A-5 for easy and accurate mounting of jaw chucks and special fixtures. Models also include standard units with the company's pneumatic collet actuators. Spindles are rated for up to 6,000 rpm.
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