Spindle Unit Enables Grinding with a Robot Arm


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Suhner offers a series of spindle units designed to be used with robot arms for drilling, milling, deburring, grinding or brushing operations, including the BEX 15 WW-ER 25 for grinding applications in mild steel.

The spindle’s tool clamping system transmits as much as 12 Nm of torque using ER collets in sizes ER 16 or 25. This clamping system is said to be ideal for tools with a cylindrical shaft and best applied in grinding and wire brush operations. According to the company, the key advantage of a collet-type toolholder and clamping system is that exact spindle orientation is never a requirement. This enables the use of standard AC motors rather than servomotors.

New tools are retrieved from a linear tool magazine located to the rear. Abrasive tools are measured after each grinding cycle to control wear and usage, and the robot control system is capable of making adjustments or initiating a tool change as needed.