Sqaure-Base Stationary Chuck

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The company has introduced a new stationary chuck to its line of precision workholding components. The model MACC-3 features a square chuck body that makes it useful for a variety of workholding applications. Its compact design and low profile body (47 mm) are said to allow for high density "stacking" on a tombstone or stationary table that might require a small envelope of operation. Mounting can be in either horizontal or vertical orientation, requires no adapter and is accomplished with two precision screws. All models have a through-hole for shafts or "swallowed" parts and workpieces can be either internally or externally clamped. According to the company, the product delivers a high degree of repeatability and clamping force up to 5,600 lbs, even under full machine power. Actuation is made by a keyway on the face of the chuck; an impact wrench can be used. Low-profile soft jaws are standard. The company says the chuck features a completely sealed chuck body for long-life performance and minimum maintenance. The square base of the chuck is available in 105 mm, 130 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm sizes (4", 5", 6" and 8").

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