Standard Toolholders For Older, Discontinued Machine Tools

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A range of standard toolholders that make it possible to bring the latest tooling innovations to older and discontinued machine tools is now offered by the company. The company offers standard holders for machines including Kearney&Trecker series II and III (1 ¾", 2 ¼"); Sundstrand Omni Mill; Monarch 45; Moore jig borers; Dixi jig borer; DeVlieg flash change (No.40, 50); SIP jig borers, both internal and external taper, SIP4 and SIP4E; Pratt&Whitney jig bore; NMTB 30, 40, 50; Bridgeport R8; and CAT60. Shanks are available for virtually all jig boring machines, including machines still in use that have not been manufactured for many years, the company says. The company's first precision boring tool program, AWZ, was designed for manual jig boring machines in 1952. It is a market the company has served continuously ever since. The company also offers standard end mill holders in both inch and metric sizes, shell mill adapters, collet holders (TG75 to 200) and ER collet chucks. All holders come with a modular connection that allows for virtually endless tool combinations, according to the company.

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