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Stationary Collet Workholding Components Group Together

Originally titled 'Collet Workholding Components Group Together'
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Lexair Inc. can custom design and build turnkey solutions for any workholding application.

Lexair Inc. provides stationary collet workholding components, based on a family of 18 different collet closer blocks, which can be used individually or grouped together to form a system. Double acting pneumatic or hydraulic models are available in fixed length and pull back versions. The company can custom design and build turnkey solutions for any workholding application.

Vertical, horizontal and five-axis rotary application options include fixtures that are application designed for part machining, measuring and assembly operations; hoses and manual pallet hydraulic disconnect; 1/4” to 6” part diameters; 1C, 3C, 5C, 16C, 3J, 22J, 35J, step collets, FlexC collets and ID mandrels; and support components such as manual or solenoid operated control valves.


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