Submersible Chuck is for Use in a Wire-EDM Environment

Originally titled 'Chuck is for Use in a Wire-EDM Environment'

Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation’s diaphragm chuck is submersible for use in a wire-EDM environment, with non-stainless steel wetted parts, and was coated in a layer of hard chrome for protection in a corrosive environment.

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Northfield Precision Instrument Corp.’s diaphragm chuck is submersible for use in a wire-EDM environment. To achieve this, the company designed a specialized chuck with all non-stainless steel wetted parts, the company says.

For protection in a corrosive environment the chuck was fully coated with a thin, dense layer of hard chrome. In addition, the top tooling had to be custom designed to hold the specialized part to within 0.0002” TIR accuracy and repeatability. 

According to the company, models include through-hole, high-speed and quick-change with chucks available in SAE or metric, in sizes from 3” (76 mm) to 18” (457 mm) and accuracies of 0.001” to 0.00001” (0.254 m). 

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