Sugino's Cavitation Waterjet Process Offers Shot Peening Alternative

IMTS Spark: Sugino debuts its new cavitation watejet peening technology.


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A jet of water shot-peens a metal part.

Sugino debuts its new cavitation watejet peening technology, which is available with as many as five axes of control for targeting shot peening with no need for masking or cleanup. Also capable of peening inside holes, tubes and cavities, the process uses only water with the impact of GPa-class force. Like traditional peening, the process also improves the life and fatigue strength of metal parts.


  • Not Your Typical Job Shop

    This family-owned job shop has developed an integrated fabrication and machine shop in order to satisfy customers' changing needs. In doing so it has become an example that other shops might want to imitate.

  • Why Not Start With Waterjet?

    In titanium, significant savings and process efficiency can result from the simple fact that abrasive waterjet cutting leaves the remaining stock intact.

  • Growing the Waterjet Job Shop

    The flexibility, capability and precision of the abrasive waterjet cutting process was the perfect match for this entrepreneur’s imagination, drive and boldness.