Sump Cleaner Vacuums, Dispenses Simultaneously

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The Freddy Ecovac 200 is a versatile sump cleaner that can provide both suction and discharge of fluids at the same time. This dual action allows solids and chips to be vacuumed from a sump while clean fluid is dispensed back to the tool to wash down the table and ways. This cleaning process can be completed without taking the tool out of service. It operates on 110-V power and can be plugged in throughout a plant. The unit will also suck a sump dry and can remove a puddle of liquid from a floor, which allows the unit to also function for emergency spill control.   The cleaner includes a 50-gallon storage tank that is easily positioned within a shop because of its ergonomic design, small size and heavy-duty locking caster wheels, the company says. It comes complete with a 10- and 200-µ filter bag, three crevice attachments, a large chip-extraction tool, a floor vacuum squeegee and a 10-ft suction hose.

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