Swing Clamp For Jigs And Fixtures

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The company has introduced a redesigned swing clamp for jigs and fixtures. The LH swing clamp is capable of 0.4 second clamping stroke and is available in swing angie of 30-, 45-, 60-, and 90-degree swing with repeat accuracy of ±5 degrees. This new swing clamp features an internal design of four raceways with ball bearings that are said to allow for a very low swing helix. The swing clamp is available in seven different sizes with clamping forces from 1,0121 bf to 8,9701 bf. The new design also features new options such as an air catch sensor to confirm the clamp is in position; a longer stroke option with a clamp stroke of 17 mm to 39.9 mm; and a model to allow a double end leaf spring-type attachment arm. This swing clamp features a clutch design to prevent damage to the internal parts in the event of a miss load and an internal dampener to absorb the force of the increased swing speed, the company says.

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