Swiss-Type Lathe Adds Laser Cutting Capability

Rem Sales offers the Tsugami S206-II Swiss-type lathe with IMG 400LS laser cutting system.


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Rem Sales offers the Tsugami S206-II Swiss-type lathe with IMG 400LS laser cutting system. Developed by Innovative Machinery Group, Rem Sales’ sister company, the machine was originally designed to fast production of small, cylindrical parts for the medical industry but has potential applications in other industries that manufacture similar-sized parts.

The machine combines six-axis Swiss machining with laser cutting capability, making it possible to perform both operations in a single setup, reducing production time. The Tsugami S206-ii opposed gang-tool lathe features a Y-axis toolpost that enables the use of the back and main spindles simultaneously for machining complex parts. The machine is also convertible so that it can be run as traditional sliding headstock machine with a guide bushing or with a chucker. All laser cutting operations are programmed and driven from the Fanuc 32i-B control.


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