Swiss-Type Lathe Features Integrated SPI Laser Cutting System


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The Tsugami LaserSwiss B0125-III Swiss-type lathe, distributed by Tsugami/Rem Sales, is a 12-mm, five-axis CNC lathe with an integrated SPI laser cutting system. All laser operations are programmed and driven from the machine’s FANUC 0i-TF control. The laser’s power, pulse width, frequency, lens focus and nozzle standoff are all adjustable. The machine is equipped with a gas box capable of switching between two assist gases, which are typically nitrogen, oxygen or argon.

The machine has 10 tool positions in addition to the laser, and it is convertible, meaning it can be run as a traditional Swiss-style lathe using a guide bushing or operated with an optional chucker kit. Laser wattage ranges from 200 to 500 W depending on preference and model. The lasers are intended to last 500,000 hours without service.


  • Applying Turn-Milling

    Combining a rotating tool with rotating work produces a machining operation that is distinct from standard turning or milling.

  • Hobbing on a Turning Center

    This manufacturer’s use of live-tool lathes overcomes labor cost in various ways. One of the latest sources of savings involves bringing another operation—hobbing—into these machines. INCLUDES VIDEO.

  • Video: Form Tools On CNC Lathes

    Form tools are traditionally associated with non-CNC machines, but in certain applications they make sense on modern machines as well.