Synchronous Tapping Holder And More


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The company says its synchronous tapping holder, the Mega Synchro, compensates for synchronization error during rigid tapping by reducing the thrust load to both the tap and workpiece. A mechanism absorbs the pitch difference between the tap and synchronous spindle to improve thread quality and tap life.
The company also offers a CKN modular connection for large boring tools. The connection features a three-screw interface to provide high clamping forces for increased torque transmission. Also, balancing accessories achieve fine balancing quality on the 112 series EWN precision boring heads. Balance rings and radial adjustable holders allow compensation for imbalance in tool assemblies for diameters ranging from 0.078" to 2.125".
The company also features the expanded C-Cutter Mini chamfer mill line, which is suited for high speed, high-feed applications. Also on display are complete workholding solutions from Stevens Engineering.


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