Tap Drivers(2)

Precision Components offers a range of tap drivers, including BT30 and BT40 models, along with the company’s CAT40, as well as pipe tap drivers ranging in size from 1 1/16" to 1/2". Additionally, metric DIN shank tap drivers are available in sizes ranging from 2 mm to 52 mm.


The slim design of the tap drivers allows for clearance of fixtures, clamps, superspacers and other causes of interference while also allowing coolant to be delivered directly to the tap. Bushings and collets are not required. The Tap Lock holding feature allows the tap to be placed toward the end of the holder using three setscrews—two hold the square and one holds the flat, which allows for less than 0.0005 TIR.


For targeting difficult-to-reach areas, tap drivers in 4 " and 6" lengths are available. All of the company’s tap drivers are hardened to 56 Rc to 60 Rc, with a 0.030" to 0.040" case depth for maximizing tooling life.


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