Teknics's Zerolox Nano XP 80Z Provides Powerful Workholding

Teknics ZeroClamp says its Zerolox Nano XP 80Z Zero Point Workholding automation console provides over 5.5 tons of clamping force — and supports simple automation.


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A photo of Teknics ZeroClamp's Zerolox Nano XP 80Z Zero Point Workholding automation console

Teknics ZeroClamp USA’s Zerolox Nano XP 80Z Zero Point Workholding automation console provides a universal interface that allows quick, precise positioning for clamping five-axis self-centering vises, pallets and work pieces on three-, four- and five-axis CNC machines.

ZeroClamp developed the Zerolox Nano Zero Point automation console from its larger Zerolox automation vise console. The company says this new device is superior in repeatability and clamping force to single Zero Point workholding units that had only one clamping stud with an orientation pin or slot.                

ZeroClamp’s patented Zero Point center cone technology offers rigidity, repeatability and 2.5 μm (0.0001”) repeatability. Thermal growth is always at the center point of the console, important for accurate five-axis machining.

The four integrated 90-mm Zero Point clamping units provide clamping forces of 50 kN (11,240 lbs), which the company says is the highest clamping force available in the industry. The device’s compact, low-profile design is 40 mm high by 160 mm square (1.57” x 6.3” square.), and 90-degree indexing x 4 enables rotation for additional operations or fourth and fifth sides.

Zerolox Nano XP 80Z is pneumatically activated, with only 85 PSI required to unlock the console. Automation potential is standard, with pneumatic porting on the back of the console or into three side ports enabling open, close and air-pressure-differential sensing for clamping confirmation.

The device operates without a constant air supply, eliminating the need for rotary unions or airlines that can get tangled in five-axis CNCs. The company says the automation console’s compact design enables mounting on five-axis CNC devices with and without a riser, four- and five-axis rotary tables, tombstones, trunnions and automation systems. ZeroClamp recommends it for automation with cobots or robots, and as a machine-table automation interface.