Thread Mill Reduces Tool Pressure, Improving Tool Life

Allied Machine & Engineering has added the AccuThread T3 to its line of thread mills.


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Allied Machine & Engineering has added the AccuThread T3 to its line of thread mills. Designed for hardened or hard-to-machine materials such as stainless steel, tool steel and high-temp alloys, it machines only three threads at a time to reduce tool pressure and increase the chances of tool survival. The company says the thread mill provides longer tool life, less tool breakage and higher quality threads for machinists.

Offered in both inch and metric shank options, the thread mill is made for deeper-than-standard threads, available in 2×D and 3×D sizes. Additional diameters are available on request. The company offers the thread mill for UN thread forms with pitches from #1-64 to 9/16"-12 as well as ISO thread forms with pitches from M2×0.40 to M12×1.75. In addition, the company’s AM210 coating is offered on these thread mills, which is said to protect from excess wear and improve tool life.


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