Three-Finger Grippers

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The MPZ three-finger concentric gripper is said to be compact with the features and options normally found on larger gripping products. These three-finger grippers offer repeatability of less than 10 mirconmeters (0.0004") and actuation speeds as fast as 20 ms. According to the company, speed and precision is achieved through precise low friction guidance. Consistent grip force, long finger capability and long life are assured as well, the company says. The actuation mechanism is based on the double wedge principal. The pneumatic cylinder is integrated directly in the housing, which is said to provide a compact, lightweight package. The grippers are available in three body sizes ranging from 30 mm to 45 mm allowing selection and sizing for many diverse applications. Strokes are between 6 mm and 10 mm, resulting in grip forces from 60N (14 lbf) to 285N (65 lbf). Spring assist models are available for internal or external gripping to enhance grip force and safety in the event of air loss. The gripping conditions of open, closed or part present are monitored with magnetic-type switches. Up to five positions can be monitored with the optional FPS (Flexible Positioning Switch).

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