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6/2/2005 | 1 MINUTE READ

Three In One CNC Marking Machine

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Columbia Marking Tools’ newest development is a compact marking machine that features a choice of three modular marking head options to perform dot peen, scribe and laser marking of fragile or hard materials. Part numbers, lot numbers, QC marks, company logos, trademarks, date or shift codes, 2D Matrix codes or QS9000 and ISO compliance indications can be made with this one system, regardless of material or surface type.


This machine is an extension of the standard Columbia Dot-Peen-Scribe (DPS) programmable marking machine, with the addition of the laser marking capability. The basic design incorporates an x-y slide arrangement that is driven through bellows-protected linear ballscrews. Various marking head modules are mounted to the slide arrangement by two removable bolts. This design permits the user to have either a servo motor providing high speed marking capabilities of up to 10 characters per second with 0.005-mm positioning accuracy, or a stepper motor drive that offers 0.02-mm repeatability at 5 characters per second. The machine can operate as a stand-alone unit or, because of its compact size, can be integrated into an automated production system.


The various marking heads consist of a peen/scribe marking unit, which uses an impact stylus for peen marking, or a diamond tip for scribe marking of text or graphics into hard or soft surfaces.


The laser marking unit uses a 50-W adjustable diode laser with variable power from 0W to 50W.


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