TIG Welders Prevent Burn-Through On Thin Metal


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To prevent burn-through when welding thin metal, Miller Electric’s Syncrowave 250 DX and 350 LX AC/DC TIG welders now feature improved low-end DC TIG arc-starting capabilities. Although the company recommends using a tungsten electrode with a diameter of 1/6" or smaller for low-amperage arc starts or welding thin materials, the power source’s improved circuit enables positive arc starts with 3/32"-, 5/32"- and 1/8"-diameter tungsten. In addition, the arc-starting circuit enables welders to standardize on one tungsten diameter rather than switching tungsten sizes based on welding amperage and base metal thickness.


Other enhancements include a redesigned cooling system. The optional Coolmate 3X can provide superior heat dissipation and coolant circulation with virtually all styles of TIG torch configurations and cable lengths, the company says. In addition, the unit is designed for easy maintenance and includes a flow meter to confirm coolant flow.