Tool Measurement System Works Inside Grinder

Users can rapidly measure the shape, profile and outer diameter of a cutting tool while it is clamped in the grinding machine, and then compare measurements to ideal tool geometry with ANCA's iView system. The benefit is that discrepancies can then be addressed immediately without the need to remove the tool and measure off-machine. Measured data can be fed back into the grinding cycle for automatic compensation.


A cost-effective solution for high-precision tool measurements, the system includes software that works seamlessly with its machine operating software and a camera that mounts easily inside the tool and cutter grinder in less than 1 minute, the company says. It may be stored outside the machine when not in use. A single system can serve up to four grinding machines and has a standard magnification of 300:1. The accuracy of the system is 2 microns.


The system's software generates the ideal shape for standard tool geometries and protracts it over the actual tool image. It can import DXF overlay files for complex profiles. A high-visibility image of the ground tool as taken by the system's camera is compared to the ideal (as designed) overlay shape. Tolerance bandwidth can be specified and graphically displayed over the tool image. Automatic generation of tangent to the profile simplifies the measurement process.


Semiautomatic measurement mode means the tool overlay is automatically positioned over the corresponding point on the ground tool. Operator acknowledges the measured point and the machine advances to the next predetermined point. A 0.005-mm grid or auto shadowgraph can be superimposed over the tool for instance measurement. Images can be stored in graphical file formats so these can be shared via e-mail, for example. Measurement protocol can also be automatically generated and printed. The system can measure three-point angle, three-point radium measurement and two-point distance measurement.



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