Toolholders Offer Precise Adjustment

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The company offers a series of toolholders that is said to enable precise, eccentric adjustment of the cutting edge radii on tools with fixed insert seating. These Eccentric Adjusting Holders feature the company’s ABS connection. These holders, by means of an integral eccentric sleeve in the connection, allow sensitive setting of fine boring and solid drilling tools for the purpose of adjusting the diameter. To achieve this, the clamping screw is loosened and the eccentric sleeve is adjusted to the correct dimension against the scale, the company says. Once the clamping screw has been tightened again, the tool is ready for use.

The precision adjustment is said to provide for incremental graduation equal to 0.0008" (0.02 mm) on the diameter and total adjustment 0.0008" (±0.25 mm) on the diameter. 

The compact design of the toolholder facilitates its use for single- and multi-spindle machine tools. The overall dimensions are the same as its standard non-adjusting counterpart. This allows the operator to replace a standard holder with an eccentric holder without a change in overall dimensions, according to the company.

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