Tooling Blanks Designed To Save Time

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Carr Lane's precision blank tooling plates and blocks are designed to reduce tooling costs and leadtime. More than 60 ready-to-mount sizes and types are available to fit all standard machine tables, from 11.81" (320 mm) pallets to 30.94" (800 mm) pallets.


For horizontal machining centers, choices include four-sided tooling blocks; two-sided tooling blocks; angle tooling plates; square pallet tooling plates; and rectangular pallet tooling plates. Tooling blocks are offered in 400 mm, 500 mm, and 630 mm pallet sizes. Additionally, a range of rectangular tooling plates are available to build fixtures for vertical milling machines.


Tooling surfaces are ground to tight tolerances and qualified to the mounting base. Dual mounting capabilities allow JIS mounting (locating from two reference edges) and DIN mounting (locating from center and radial holes). A one-piece cast construction provides accuracy, dimensional stability and vibration dampening, the company says.


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