Tooling Enables Robot Arms to Drill, Deburr

IMTS 2018: Suhner Industrial Products’s offers machining units that mount directly to a robot arm. 

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Suhner Industrial Products offers end-of-arm tools and a quick-change system for removing material with a robot. Developed in cooperation with Ferrobotics, the power-pack line includes tools for deburring, milling, drilling, tapping, brushing, polishing, filing, and belt sanding operations.

According to the company, the tools are compatible with all robot manufacturers’ products. Programmable touch forces of the active flange and interactive surface tracking enable automating operations that would otherwise be unsuitable for automation. Other features include programmable process forces, balanced tolerances (shapes) and reduced programming time for complex parts.  

Applications include automotive manufacturing, deburring operations, stainless steel machining, and drilling and tapping operations.

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Suhner Industrial Products Corporation

West, Level 3 & Annex, Booth 431474

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