Tooling System Speeds Change-Overs for Swiss-Type Lathes

IMTS 2018: Goeltenbodt’s pre-settable, quick-changeable and coolant-fed tooling system is designed for Swiss-type automatic lathes.

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Goeltenbodt’s presettable, quick-changeable and coolant-fed tooling system is designed for Swiss-type automatic lathes such as Tsugami, Star, Citizen, Hanwha and Gildemeister.

The system is said to provide quick and easy tool change-overs and is presettable with repeatability of 0.0004". Coolant-fed holders with pressure ratings ranging to 1,500 psi are available. The rigid design is said to reduce setup times, provide chatter-free operation and increase tool life.

The system is available for shank holder sizes ranging from 8 mm2 (3/8 in2) up to 16 mm2 (5/8 in2)  and is designed to accept cutting tools from any brand.

IMTS 2018 Exhibitor

Goltenbodt Technology GmbH

West, Level 3 & Annex, Booth 432386

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