Touch Probe Features Custom Face Gear

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Blum-Novotest offers the TC76, a 25-mm-diameter touch probe for use on grinding, turning and milling machines. The machine-mounted device uses the company’s custom measuring system, which incorporates optoelectronic signal generation by light barrier with non-lobing touch characteristics. Around the periphery of the device is a LED display that shows an optical indication of the trigger state. Probe data transmission is via a two-wire (two-pole) M16×1 interface.


The probe is equipped with the company’s shark360 face gear to perform off-center probing by providing a repeatable home position. The incorporation of the shark360 into the probe body ensures accuracy in all directions, the company says. The face gear is installed between the stylus mounting disc and the counter bearing of the housing. When deflected, it moves a precision-guided pin up into the infrared light barrier, which generates the trigger signal for measuring.


The probe’s modular construction and stylus holder permits various interchangeable options, including different unit lengths and styli geometries. In addition, the probe can be used with cranked styli. 

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