Touchscreen Interface Eases Multi-DNC Control, Machine Monitoring


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Spectrum CNC Technologies offers SmartTouch, an intelligent machine interfaces that offers touchscreen access to Multi-DNC files and serves as a feedback loop for job status information.  Operators can report parts counts, downtime reasons and more. Customizable buttons are said to make feedback fast and easy. SmartTouch supports both Multi-DNC and machine monitoring applications on the shop floor. Based on a rugged touchscreen, the system can be configured to support individual job status feedback from operators as well as electronic parts counts. All shopfloor DNC files and functions as well as customized monitoring feedback are accessed through SmartTouch. 

SmartTouch serves as a shop floor interface for Multi-DNC software via machine communications and control. It also serves as an operator feedback interface for Multi-MDC machine monitoring, a browser-based, real-time machine monitoring system that automatically collects machine output data to an MS-SQL database. SmartTouch is designed to provide easy feedback for associated machine status reporting.  Reasons feedback buttons can be customized to individual shop processes. Monitoring functions encompass machine status, customizable dashboards, OEE tracking, cycle time vs. downtime, parts count, machine and spindle utilization, and more. 

SmartTouch, Mutli-DNC software and the Multi-MDC Machine Monitoring application are all connected to the shop floor via a wireless and wired network through WiBox communication hardware.  


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