Touchscreen Technology Can Replace CNC For Various Applications

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The Suprema line of ‘Easy’ controlled cylindrical grinders is targeted for manufacturers that are seeking an alternative to investing in CNC. Jones & Shipman says that change-over times can be reduced because the software, which is available in three versions, minimizes the extent to which operator intervention would normally be necessary.


Intended to replace traditional CNC, microprocessor and hydraulically-controlled machines, the grinder incorporates a GE-Fanuc touchscreen control system using the manufacturer’s self-teach software, which is said to enable even inexperienced operators to progress from manual, single-diameter applications to linked cycle/multi diameter single or batch operations. 


According to the manufacturer, companies serving industries such as aerospace, mold and die, automotive and medical can implement the machine to achieve improvements in productivity. In particular, the grinder is said to be suited for medium/short batch work or one-offs.