Tungaloy Adds Changeable-Head Tool to Drilling Grade Series


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Tungaloy DMP drill head

Tungaloy is expanding its AH9130 drill head grade series to include the DMP drill head line from the DrillMeister changeable-head drill series. A self-locking interface connects the drill head and tool body to simplify tool changes. Operators can replace the tool without removing the drill body from the adapter or re-measuring tool offset values,

This AH9130-grade expansion encompasses the DMP line of general-purpose drilling, succeeding the DMC drill head for precision drilling. Developed specifically for drilling applications, AH9130 is a nano-multilayer PVD coating consisting of three layers. This coating configuration is designed to provide longer, more predictable tool life by adding wear, fracture and oxidation resistance as well as resistance to buildup and delamination.